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Kosher salt vs. table salt vs. pickling salt recipe substitution

For recipes where salt will be dissolved into a liquid, you can substitute table salt, kosher salt, and pickling salt. 


Most people prefer to measure salt by volume,

but the same volume (e.g., a tablespoon) of different salts contains different amounts of salt. 

The best way to substitute is to measure by weight.

However, because many commercially produced salts are standardized, you can rely on volume conversions.


A generally accepted principle is that one part table salt equals 1.5 parts Morton's Kosher salt and two parts Diamond Crystal salt.  However, others suggest using slightly less (a 1:1.25:1.75 ratio) and salting to taste.




Also, the following weights apply:


Brand Volume  Metric Imperial
Morton's Kosher 1 cup  250 grams 8.75 ounces
Diamond Crystal 1 cup  135 grams 4.75 ounces
table salt 1 cup  300 grams 10.5 ounces
Morton's Kosher 1 tbsp  15.5 grams  0.55 ounces
Diamond Crystal 1 tbsp  8.5 grams  0.30 ounces
table salt 1 tbsp   18.75 grams  0.65 ounces




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